Alexandra Wenglorz

“The highest manifestation of life
consists in this: that a being governs its own actions.
A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.”

Thomas Aquinus

If you want to be in the driver seat of your life, govern your own actions and are looking for support, this is what you find on this page:

  • helpful techniques to handle stress – for business as well as your private life
  • creative input to use your entire potential
  • systemic approaches to improve your relationships
  • effective support in the process of optimizing your image
  • goal-oriented communication and professional PR
  • qualified counseling for the best possible way of economic target achievement

Determined to mastering stress is economist and kinesiologist Alexandra Wenglorz, formerly spokeswoman of international operating IT companies and mother of four. She destresses her clients for example with the help of “Brain Gym®” by Dr. Paul E. Dennison and other kinesiologic methods like “Touch for Health” by John F. Thie or “Three in one concepts®” by Stokes and Whiteside.

Fierce pupils gain confidence prior to important exams, stressed employees or managers as well as over-burdened housewifes regain their very own essential power. People in difficult or crisis situations but also prior to very important appointments learn to deal differently with stress. Are you concerned with stage fright, want to work on your image or need counseling realizing your (economic) goals? With her international business background Alexandra Wenglorz is also a competent coach for leadership personalities.

Her counseling includes individual and group sessions as well as speaches and seminars. For more information please contact:
email: or mobile: +49 (0)172-8238211